The story of “FUTURA”

Published 30 March 2021 30 March 2021
The storytelling of Olympic Games Milano Cortina 2026 emblem;

An emblem, a vision.

"Futura", the first emblem voted online for the Italian Winter Olympic Games, together with the Paralympic Games version of the same logo, is a synthesis of elegance and lightness that clearly represents the vision of Milano Cortina 2026 and the values on which it is based, starting from sustainability and inclusion.

Milan Cortina 2026 has taken on the responsibility of breathing life into the Olympic and Paralympic Games of the future: the Italian will be the first winter edition in complete harmony with Agenda 2020 and the IOC's "New Norm". These two pillars offer the set of values and rules with which the Olympic Movement has placed economic, environmental and social sustainability at the heart of the organization of the Games, as well as the legacy of an infrastructural and cultural heritage for future generations.

The new Winter Games will begin from Milan Cortina 2026, and they will be everyone's Games.

Community engagement and participation will be key components of our vision. Apart from being a unique opportunity for the country's development after the painful ordeal of the pandemic, the Games aim to reignite the Italians passion by spreading the values of sport. And, together with it, renew the world's passion for Italy. For the project to be successful, different generations and all areas of the country must be involved immediately. The presentation of the emblems thus becomes the first step of a collective adventure that will last five years: the fascinating journey to the Games.

Futura, the magic of a gesture

With 75% of the votes out of 870 thousand votes from 169 countries, Futura was chosen as the official emblem of Italian Games. An emblem that comes from an elegant but simple, quick and easy gesture. As sporting gestures often are. A sign that a child can draw on a steamed up window, or all of us on a smartphone screen. A small gesture discovers a world beyond the glass. The world we want, respectful of the environment, people and diversity, better also thanks to sport.

Futura is a number. The 26th, the year of the first Olympic Games of the future. A date that Italy gives to the world and to itself. Which creates the time of waiting to be filled with preparations for an unforgettable edition of the Games. A number on a white background becomes a canvas that offers unlimited possibilities, evoking the magic of snow and ice as a stage for winter sports, but it is also the color that refers to a pristine environment.

The most important sporting event in the world wants to encourage reflection on the theme of the fragility of the planet and underline that every single small gesture, from each of us, can help preserve everyone's home, what we borrow from the generations that will follow us. The challenge is to leave a positive trace, the lightest possible trace in nature, in our mountains, in our valleys, in our forests.

This is why Futura is an emblem that cannot be stopped in one frame, designed to be fully digital, to evolve over time in its various forms, to dynamically capture all the richness and diversity of the Olympics and Paralympics meaning.

Futura is also a powerful message of inclusion. White is the achromatic color for physics, the visual synthesis that includes all the colors of the visible spectrum. We chose it because, in addition to sustainability, it symbolizes harmony and equality.