Milano Cortina 2026 Milano Cortina 2026

Regulation to contribute to the identification of the official emblem of XXV winter Olympic Games

I. Organization and purpose

The Milano Cortina 2026 Foundation (the "Foundation") is a non-profit organization and is the private law subject responsible for organizing the XXV Winter Olympic Games and the XIV Paralympic Winter Games of 2026 (the "Games"), including all promotion and communication of sporting and cultural events relating to the Games. The Foundation has decided to involve the public to identify the logo that will distinguish the Games, in pursuit of the principles of inclusion and participation that distinguish Olympism. Everyone will be able to vote for the logo they prefer from the two proposed by the Foundation. The number of preferences that each logo will receive will contribute to the choice of the official one of Milano Cortina 2026 and will constitute, combined with the Five Circles, the emblem of the XXV Olympic Winter Games and, combined with the Agitos, the emblem of the XIV Paralympic Winter Games ("Emblems"). The purpose of this initiative is to involve the public with a popular vote in the choice of the Emblems, making them an active part in defining a fundamental element of the organization of the Games.

II. Participation

Participation in the identification of the Emblems takes place by voting on one of the two logo proposals through the website (the “Site”) or casting the vote on the dedicated app "Milano Cortina 2026" available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store ("App Mobile") as well as the Whatsapp application. All platforms, with the methods better illustrated in paragraphs VI, do not provide for any payment by those who express their preference, except for any connection costs applied by their telephone operator based on the tariff plan chosen for Internet browsing. It is possible to express up to a maximum of three preferences per day. At midnight (Italian time) of each day, a new voting session will open and one's preference can be expressed again, again up to a maximum of three times, and so for the entire duration established in point III below. The Foundation reserves the right to verify the regularity of the votes. In the event that anomalies are found, the irregular votes will be canceled and not considered in the overall count.

III. Duration and recipients

It will be possible to vote for the n° 2 logos from March 7, 2021 to March 25 2021. Votes cast in a period of time other than that indicated will not be considered. Participation is open to all, it is not necessary to be an Italian citizen or resident in Italy.

IV. Emblems

The two logos for which preference is requested were chosen by the Foundation and are disclosed and offered to the public through the Foundation's online channels. (, Facebook, Instagram) as well as through other channels, possibly including third parties

V. Processing of voting

Between the two proposed logos, the Foundation will determine, on the basis of the sum of the votes cast by users and on the basis of the subsequent completion of the necessary technical and legal formalities, the logo that will constitute the official one of the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympics.

VI. Voting through website and the mobile app

The vote through the Site does not require the registration. The Site will not make it possible to cast more than 3 (three) votes per day. Once a valid vote has been cast, a message confirming the validity of the vote will appear.

VII. Voting via Whatsapp

To vote via WhatsApp, you must use the address found on the various channels of the Foundation bearing the App logo. The sending of the message is free, except for any costs applied by your telephone operator based on the tariff plan chosen for Internet browsing. The sending of the first message, necessary to start the chat, has a preset content that please do not change, Even for voting via WhatsApp the maximum number of votes that can be expressed by the same phone number cannot exceed 3 (three) votes per day. Once a valid vote has been cast, a message confirming the validity of the vote will appear. The vote that the user will write uniquely with the preference of the name of the "Futura" logo or the name of the "Dado" logo will be validated, following the instructions received in the chat. If the preference is not expressed correctly, a message will appear aimed at repeating the vote. The purposes and terms of the processing of personal data are illustrated in the privacy policy available at the link below and in any case also available from the smartphone before starting the chat dedicated to voting.

VIII. Dissemination of results - Official logo communication

The final outcome of the vote will be announced to the public through the social channels and the Foundation's website. Those who participated in the choice will not receive messages on the final result, unless they have registered on the Site for the Newsletter or the Fan Team.

IX. Treatment of personal data

For all information regarding the processing of personal data, please refer to the dedicated information, available at the following address: 

X. Intellectual property rights

The Site and each of its elements (including all text, downloadable material, images, web pages, sounds, videos, designs, trademarks, logos, and other material on the Site or accessible through it), as well as any software necessary to use it, may contain confidential information and information protected by intellectual property rights or other regulations. Unless expressly indicated to the contrary on the Site, the Foundation is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights relating to any content of the Site and does not grant any visitor to the Site any license or any other right other than the right to view the Site, participate in the census, subscribe to the Newsletter and / or the Fan Team. All reproductions or representations, in whole or in part, of the Site, or of its components, whether in electronic, hard-copy or other format, are strictly prohibited and constitute an act of infringement, unless prior authorization has been obtained from part of the Foundation. The use of the logos object of the census, such as the words "Milano Cortina 2026", or even just "Milano Cortina", "Milano 2026", "Cortina 2026", in addition to the Five Olympic Circles, the Agitos, at the end "Olympic" and "Paralympic Games" (and its derivatives, such as, but not limited to, the term "Olympic" and "Paralympic") and any other expression identifying the Games, cannot be used, as "Olympic Property" as defined by 'art. 5bis of the decree-law 11 March 2020, n. 16, converted with Law no. 31 of 8 May 2020 ("Olympic Law"). It should be noted that art. 12 of the Olympic Law configures the improper use of the "Olympic Properties", within the terms provided therein, as an administrative offense subject to a fine ranging from 100,000.00 euros to 2,500,000.00 euros.

XI. Applicable law

This regulation is governed by Italian law.