Cortina 2026


The Olympic Games Of The Future

Our mission has one central goal: To create the Olympic Games that are fully sustainable on an economic, environmental, and social level. Sustainability in space and time: To create a cultural and infrastructural legacy for future generations. Milano Cortina 2026 is the Winter Olympic Games to be fully inspired by the Olympic Agenda 2020 and the IOC’s New Norm, the new Olympic and Paralympic Games vision with forty recommendations for a more sustainable event. 90% of the sports facilities we will use already exist. The Olympic Games adapt to the territory that hosts them, not the other way around. We will not build more than is necessary, and these will not be a lasting legacy. The Olympic Games are an unmissable opportunity for Italy to start afresh. In the history books, a Nation Building Event remains the unforgettable Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games in Rome in 1960, the symbol of an Italian economic miracle after the Second World War and throughout the European Community. Milano Cortina 2026 aspires to be a “Nation Re-Building Event” for a community in need of a renewed social and economic identity after the pandemic and years of stagnation in the production cycle.


In Sports As In Life, Only Opponents, Never Enemies

Respect for human beings is one of the fundamental values of Olympism. It gives light to key concepts, such as fair play, inclusiveness, and sustainability. The Olympic vision is the most powerful factor of aggregation between people: Sports can unite different visions, cultures, and identities.


Accepting Challenges, Aiming For Excellence

We believe in the Paralympic value of determination. The mental attitude, the passion, and the joy needed to achieve any goal, in sports and life, to focus on the goal and not on the obstacles that separate us from it. We feel inspired by the inner strength with which Paralympic athletes transcend disability through sporting practice to become champions and role models for all.

The constant search for excellence is the criterion by which we want to inspire the organisation of the Olympic Games. Italy must not be recognized only for its beauty, genius, and creativity. We will show the world our ability to hold a flawless global event.


A Legacy For Future Generations

We want to leave a light mark. We want to leave a legacy for tomorrow’s generations: Sustainable infrastructure and services, new skills and jobs for the future, a healthy lifestyle based on sports, respect for the environment, and diversity. We see sustainability and legacy as a continuum, to do today only what is meaningful for tomorrow.


We All Have A Story To Tell

Innovation and technological progress are the tools to stage the fully connected Olympics and Paralympics Games. A revolution in the way of conceiving and experiencing sports. Not just Milan, or Cortina, or only 2026. We want it to be everyone’s Olympics and Paralympics Games. Immediately. Online and offline, the Olympic Games have already started.